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Introducing .... The GastroCab

Introducing .... The GastroCab

Specially-adapted Manganese Bronze FX4 London Black Cab.
Fits through narrow doors. Bar, restaurant or mobile kitchen.
Great for parties, pop-ups, events, promotions and more.
And don't forget to add on some live music...!

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The Gastrocab

Huge Choice of Formats:  Counter Restaurant,  Grab n’ go,  Bar,  Combo,  Party Street Food   They’ll Go Most Places – Narrow & Manoeuvrable    Jaw Dropping Centrepiece at Any Event


Seats up to 20 at the counter

Dining, street food and/or bar format

Iconic London Cab is a huge draw

Exciting use of original vehicle

Curriculum Vitae

Classic London Taxi, all FX4s, a design no longer licenced for Hackney Carriage. London’s loss, our gain.

Remove the engine, smoke chickens in the driver’s compartment, and open the back as a flatbed? With a counter around, for a bar, instant restaurant or catering service. Why not?

Our taxis fold back up and fit through most doors – inside & out – then open up to their full glory.  “Magic” not just for home parties, but vacant retail units, malls, and more. So go on, where would you put one?

Get technical?  Steering, handbrake, wheels – chiller display under the bonnet.
0-60 mph: No thanks.       Length 2.8m  Width 1.76m  Height 2.0m

Features Available

Display unit under bonnet

Choice of cooking units

Music – live or recorded

External lighting

Outside tables & awning

Smoke chickens in the driver’s compartment of a Black Cab                “I had that Philosopher in the back Tuesday …”  Anon